Spending Time On What Matters x JORD watches

Becoming a parent has made me super conscious of the time.

Is it naptime? Snack time?

How much screen time is too much? Do I spend too much time working?

I wonder if I’m spending enough time with them. I wonder when I’m going to make the time to get everything done. It goes on all the way until bedtime when I ask myself:

How many times is this child going to get out of bed?!

And when I’m finally collapsed on the couch I wonder: When will I ever have some time for myself?

Another thing I’ve noticed is, every time I need to check the time, I look at my phone.

Which is a complete time suck in itself because my intention is to check the time, but I quickly scan my social media for updates and then I get hooked on reading an article and before I know it, a good 20 minutes has passed by of me not spending time with my kids, or doing the chores I need to do before I start complaining about what little time I have to do it all.

When I got the opportunity to partner with Jord watches (pronounced yode), I realized I couldn’t remember the last time I wore a watch. Was it before kids? Before smartphones?

JORD watches are sustainable and made of natural and reclaimed materials and are also stylish like this Cora Series in Zebrawood & Rose.  Ever since wearing this timepiece,  I’ve noticed I’m not as distracted by my phone.

The reality is that I will never stop being a Mom but my kids won’t always stay young. Time has that effect on babies, they grow into kids, and eventually adults. Right now they need me to pick them up and spin them around. I’m cherishing every moment I have with them because time is so much more than an accessory.
I’ll get time for myself later when the kids are embarrassed to be seen with me. Now, it’s time to make some memories.

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