I’m Scared of CrossFit

Nothing kills your workout like getting paged over the gym speaker system for you to return to the day care center to come get your child.

You know what I do in that situation? Just pick up my boogie-nose-almost-hyperventilating-from-crying-so-hard-child and drive straight back home.

Maybe I’ll try to work out again next month.

So my ten minutes of exercise a month (five of which were spent fiddling with the treadmill/FitBit/earphones), haven’t been too productive. This has gone on for some time. Rambo works out every day. I work out never.

Then Rambo does something unexpected. He up and joined a CrossFit gym.

I knew nothing about CrossFit. Except that they’re like a cult and once you go CrossFit you don’t stop talking about it and people begin to avoid you.

He laughed off my warnings and diligently worked out. Within two weeks I noticed a change in him. I don’t know what it was. Was it confidence?  Muscles? He looked more in shape. How does that happen in just two weeks? I was curious enough to join him for a class.

I went along to his box. I didn’t know that CrossFit locations were called boxes.

Very appropriate. For a gym that is more expensive than the fancy pants gym with the smoothie bar, hair salon, indoor/outdoor water park and steam sauna,  this ‘box’ looked like an empty warehouse. With all the contraptions hanging from the ceiling and torture devices laying on the ground, it looked like the kind of place a kidnapper would take his victim.

CrossFit Torture Box
CrossFit Torture Box

I noticed not a single clock, just a timer. As someone who is constantly checking the time, this panicked the crap out of me. The loud thumping heavy metal music gave me heart palpitations. The weights clanging loudly on the floor from being dropped gave me some serious anxiety. I’m used to soothing sound machines and whispering while the babies sleep. Oh and why were the doors wide open with industrial sized fans in two corners? It’s summer in Texas and I was in a warehouse full of sweaty people with no air conditioning.

This place was my own personal hell.

But then I noticed the bods. Shredded, muscled up, glistening with sweat bods. No, they were not supermodels. They were regular people. Friendly people – after the class every single one of them came up and introduced themselves to me. Some were dripping with sweat and it was a little awkward trying not to get their bodily fluids on me, but they were all smiles. Yes, almost cult-like.

Those people are not being held captive
Those people are not being held captive

I could not get over how fit everyone was. I have had memberships at so many gyms before and the people working out in those places do not look like this. It was the super toned bodies of all the women (and men) in that box that did it. I wanted to look like them. Despite the panic & the anxiety of being completely out of my comfort zone –  I signed up for CrossFit.

Typical self-destructive behavior or the best thing I’ve ever done for myself?


Coming up in Pt 2 – My First CrossFit Workout, or Trying not to Throw Up/Die in Public


Crossfit & the Stay at Home Mom
Crossfit & the Stay at Home Mom – I’m scared of Crossfit – Coffee and Sweat

12 thoughts on “I’m Scared of CrossFit

  1. I love this! This post was hysterical! I am really wanting to try crossfit also but have the same fears!!! And I too remember the days of getting in 10 minutes at the gym due to childcare! Thanks for the post!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sandra, I’m glad you thought it was funny! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one in the world with gym vs. childcare issues.

  2. This post is so funny “trying not to die or throw up in public.” I can relate… seeing Crossfitters trying to push a huge tire across the gym is intimidating. Plus, they seem rather cultish. Cheers!

    1. Yes definitely cultish. I will infiltrate and report back to you. Those huge tires scare me to death though.

  3. I’m tilting towards the “best thing you ever did for yourself” side! I don’t do crossfit, but I tried it a few times and really enjoyed it! I think the community aspect (and lack of PA system to call you to pick up your child) will help you stick with it! 🙂

    PS – Love your writing style! I’ll be visiting more often!

    1. Yes Ariana, the community aspect is what’s keeping me going. Everyone is very positive and encouraging which I love. I’m glad you like my writing style, because most English teachers don’t!

  4. I love your bravery! I feel very intimidated just thinking about Cross Fit. At my gym it’s just standard workouts as usual. This gym that you joined looks really intense. I would love to read an update about how it’s going, what you think of the workouts and if it’s something truly sustainable for the long run. Thank you so much for sharing this fitness adventure!

    1. Hi Denay, I plan on sticking with it for at least three months and will give you guys an update. I’ve met some people who have been doing this for about two years so I guess it is good for long term. Only time will tell.

  5. I’ve really wanted to try crossfit. Unfortunately, I’m getting over adrenal fatigue and it would probably be too intense for me right now. I will agree that I’m so impressed with how fit they all are. I say, if you can find the time, do it!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Erica. There are a lot of resources online where you can find CrossFit workouts for you to try at home. That way it’s not so intense. Would that be a possibility? Or maybe later on? I would love to hear about it if you got a chance to try it out.

  6. I’ve always wanted to try cross-fit but just haven’t yet. Of course now, if I do, I’ll be thinking of myself as a victim in a torture box! LOL! Looking forward to hearing how it went in Part 2!

    1. Do it! I’m sure not all CrossFit boxes look like the one I go to – maybe you can find a swanky one with at least some A/C!

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