Cadillac Road to Runway : Fashion X Dallas

FashionX Dallas

Last year, I had a great time at Cadillac’s Road to Table event. This year I attended  Road to Runway as a guest of Cadillac and experienced the final night of Fashion X Dallas – a spectacular night of runway shows featuring local DFW designers as well as emerging designers from all over the world. I grabbed my fashion-obsessed sister as my plus one and we headed out. On the way to Fashion Industry Gallery, I test drove the new Cadillac CT6. I don’t know how they managed to fit 34 speakers into that car but the surround sound system was awesome. The rear camera mirror took some time to get used to but my favorite interior feature was the wireless phone charger. I’m always losing chargers. Or getting them all tangled up  or not plugging it in properly!

As soon as we walked in  we were handed a glass of Prosecco courtesy of Chloe Wine and browsed through some pop-up shops. We ended up spending most of our time in the VIP Lounge before the show started.  A couple of drinks and Snaps later I realized that my phone is on 1% battery. Blogger fail! I told you I have issues plugging in the car phone charger all the way! So I jacked my sister’s phone and took over her Snapchat for the rest of the night.  The show was such a gorgeous eye-catching display of creativity by every designer. I’m always in awe in the face of pure talent, I loved every minute of it.

We were chauffeured by Cadillac to the afterparty at Bungalow Beach Club. What followed was what usually goes down when I’m with my sister; I forgot that I’m a thirty-something mom and reverted back to my early twenties and partied my ass off. My body did not forgive me the next morning because I was in pain! Despite the old lady hangover, I was grateful to a be a part of yet another great event sponsored by Cadillac.

For my outfit, I paired a sequined black tank top and a studded pencil skirt with a terry moto jacket. Affiliate links posted below. View my disclosure policy here.


Yoga Flow & Glow Event

Yoga Glow and Flow

Last week I attended an event called Yoga Flow & Glow. It was a glow in the dark yoga class suitable for all fitness levels. I had to check it out.

The event was organized by Mind & Body Complete to raise funds for a non-profit ladies retreat center and was kindly hosted by CrossFit Remedy. Once I had checked in, I  made my way towards the table full of glow in the dark items.

The organizers had thought of everything. Along with glow in the dark wrist bands, head bands, glasses, paint and paint brushes, they also supplied us with yoga mats, towels and bottles of water. There was a buzz in the air as everyone excitedly painted dots and stripes onto their bodies and posed for pictures. There was a steady stream of both men and women filing in and filling out their names on small forms for the raffle drawing later.

I had a few minutes before the class to look through the Lululemon showcase.

The room was getting warmer. It was being heated to between 80-90°F – not sweltering but warm enough to work up a sweat.

Shortly after, the lights were turned down and Yoga instructor Jennifer Dean promptly started the class. I know Jennifer from the CrossFit classes I take and knew she taught yoga but this was the first time I had her as a teacher. Though it was dark, her voice easily transitioned us from one position to the next.

As a newbie to yoga and not knowing the names of every position, I had no problems following along as Jennifer explained each step. I also loved her choice of music for the class – hello downward dogging it to Snoop Dogg! I was having so much fun, it wasn’t until the routine slowed down a bit that I realized my body was actually getting a great workout.

What sets yoga apart from other forms of exercise is that it’s not just physical, but a combination of mental and spiritual disciplines as well. We ended the class with stretching and a meditation. Sometime while my eyes were closed, fragrant essential oils were sprayed around the room and the entire experience was extremely relaxing. The class ended and I felt completely renewed. Not at all how I’m used to feeling on a frantic weeknight!

After the class I got to chat with Shannon Jamail, the founder of Mind and Body Complete. She told me she had recently purchased land in Southern California and was raising funds to build a facility where women could attend retreats to focus on their health and wellness. Women too often, focus on everyone and everything else in their lives and don’t prioritize their own health. This resonated with me because I’m guilty of it too. The center would provide workshops for women to find balance and enable them to become better at doing amazing things. What a wonderful mission and I’m so glad I was able to help towards this goal. If you are interested in learning more about retreats being hosted around the country you can find them here.  Also, figure out a way you can take me with you!

Have you ever attended a glow in the dark yoga event? I really enjoyed the class and I think I will be trying to make it out to a yoga class at least once a week from now on.

Cadillac Road to Table DFW

Cadillac Road to Table DFW

This post is in partnership with Cadillac

Pictures without the CoffeeandSweats watermark were taken by photographer James Edward, who was kind enough to let me use them for this post. Check out his talents here.

You know that moment when you have an event to attend but looking outside you see sheets of rain coming down? Well, when it’s the exclusive Cadillac Road to Table event that moment tells you to head out! Thankfully when we arrived at The Eberhard we were greeted with friendly smiles and big umbrellas. Cadillac had taken the weather into consideration and provided us with this extra service to get us in nice and dry.


Following registration, we were ushered outside to a parking lot full of Cadillac’s awaiting us.

We experienced the 2016 Cadillac ATS Sedan as Rambo test drove it through town, all the way to our next destination – LOCAL restaurant.  Once inside,  I admired the sleek minimalist design, coupled with the comforting character of an exposed brick wall. A restaurant must please all of the senses not just taste, and LOCAL set the ambiance very well.

After we were seated at our table, Chef Tracy Miller came in and introduced herself and welcomed us to the restaurant. She prepared a delectable three-course dinner for us complete with wine pairings.


Our dinner companions were a lot of fun and we had a great time utilizing the selfie stick!

After dinner, we were escorted to the after party in a 2016 Platinum Edition Cadillac Escalade. A few of my favorite features about this luxurious car:

Head up Display – where information like speed and navigation is projected onto the windshield in front of the driver so your eyes can stay on the road.

Wireless Charging – so you can charge your phone and other electronics on the center console anytime the vehicle is running without any cords to fuss with.

Ultimate Front Seat – Driver and Front Passenger seats with multidirectional massaging action. Basically, they are massage chairs! Who wants to ride shotgun?

The after party was back at the Eberhard at the overlooking Mezzanine.

It was a great night out with delicious food, fun new friends, and luxurious cars. I think it’s time to upgrade the minivan!