Beauty Favorites I Can’t Live Without

Beauty Favorites I Can't Live Without

I was fourteen when I discovered concealer. I’ve always had dark circles under my eyes and drama queen skin. Concealer was the magic that hid them like they never even existed. Even now if I’m feeling crappy, I will put on some makeup to feel good about myself and conquer the day.  Below I’ve listed the beauty products that I use consistently. If it runs out, I go out and immediately buy another. You can shop them by clicking on the product itself (affiliate link of course). I’ve selected my top five and explain why I can’t live without them.


Top Five

1. NARS lipstick – Fire Down Below

It’s been said that Francois Nars took two years to develop this color which is supposed to be the closest shade to human blood. Which is what makes it a universally appealing shade of red on every skin tone. I love a dramatic red lipstick but had issues finding one that’s not too bright but not too vampy. This shade is perfect. It also feels great on your lips.

2. Benefit Cosmetics Bad Gal Lash

Look I can’t do fake lashes ok? I wear contacts. I have allergy eyes. I’m also uncoordinated AF and can’t glue shit that close to my eyeballs. I just can’t. I need a mascara that can put in work. I keep coming back to this one. Maybe it’s the brush. Maybe it’s the formulation I honestly can’t pin point why I love Bad Gal lash so much but it makes my eyes look awake and I love it.

3. BioSilk Silk Therapy

What concealer did for my face, BioSilk did for my hair. This stuff is magic. I have naturally straight hair, prone to frizz and fly-aways. Smooth some of this onto damp hair before blow drying or a little onto dry hair and your hair will be the sexiest you have ever seen or felt it. Added bonus: It smells like heaven.

4. Beauty Blender

The first time I saw this pink tear drop thing in its cylindrical packaging at the store I had no idea what it was. When I realized it was a freaking sponge I rolled my eyes and moved along. Until every beauty blogger on the planet started raving about it, that is. I eventually gave in to curiosity and purchased it to see what all the hype was about. This little squish is like photoshop for your face. I’ve used brushes and even my fingers to smooth on makeup, but not until I dabbed it on with the beauty blender did I realize what makeup is really capable of doing. Your makeup will be blended into your skin and your face will look like you’ve got 3 Instagram filters on it – but in real life.

5. Tarte Tarteist Double Take Eyeliner

Bengali girls know eyeliner. We’ve been rocking that liquid-liner-cat-eye-winged look since we were in middle school. Trust me when I say I have a serious list of requirements for eyeliner. It needs to be the blackest black. Make that a matte blackest black. Also if it’s a pencil liner, it needs to glide on smoothly and not smudge. Got it? Tarte got it right with this double ended liner. Both the pencil liner and the liquid liner end gets this Bengali girl’s approval.

Have you already tried any of the above beauty recommendations? I’d love to hear your opinion. If not, try some out and let me know what you think!