Bringing it Back

This is what happened when I stopped working out, started working from home and didn’t blog for months (I’m pretending you noticed).

I lost my damn mind.

And I gained twenty pounds.

And there are piles of laundry that my loved ones rummage through trying to find clean clothes to wear.

I need a creative outlet for all of this crazy or it starts to seep out into other areas of my life. Everything else gets chaotic and I would much rather channel it productively and keep it somewhat contained.

coffee and sweats
I can’t.

I still don’t know anything about analytics or coding. I’ve let myself get distracted by attempting to delve into these subjects and frustrated myself to no end. I’ve compared my blog to others and spent nights analyzing color palettes. I got so involved in what I should be doing and what others were doing and what I definitely should not be doing that I lost the real reason I started blogging in the first place.

I read over my first post. I decided to stop caring. I’m doing this for my own sanity. If you like what you see you’re welcome to leave me a comment. If you miss me you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. I’m all over the place. But mostly I’ll try to bring it all back here.

Back to blogging.

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