AuRate – The Jewelry Brand with a Conscience

Disclosure – I received credit towards a purchase to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Women want jewelry.

Anytime I have a friend ask me what they should buy for their friend/mother/sister/girlfriend/fiance/wife, the answer I give is the same.

Women want jewelry. Not a vacuum cleaner. Not a gift card. Just something sparkly – we’re really not that complicated.

It doesn’t have to be a 59 karat rock that we need to hire bodyguards for, but it should be more than the trendy accessories we buy from retail stores.

When I was asked to partner with AUrate fine jewelry I fell in love with their clean and minimal pieces. I found out that AUrate doesn’t just use conflict free materials,  every handcrafted piece is designed and created in New York City, with fair pay and suitable working conditions. AUrate’s direct to consumer sales model also means that all this fine jewelry is not marked up and will not cost you a few months rent.

AUrate review
AUrate Instagram – Proud Pearl Earrings with White Diamonds

AUrate’s two (millennial female!) founders believe in giving back to their community and combined a charitable component to their company. For every piece of jewelry sold, AUrate donates a book to a child in need. Do you get why I’m in love with them?

earrings AUrate

It’s difficult to choose. They have collections of earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces. They also have unique pieces like anklets and ear cuffs.  What if you really can’t decide? Choose 5 pieces to try on at home. Absolutely free.  Seriously, they’ve thought of everything. Even down to the Lifetime Guarantee.

When it comes to earrings I have a penchant for big and dangly. These flower earrings that cascade down behind the ear lobe were so unconventional I couldn’t resist.  As  you’re shopping for your loved ones this holiday season, consider the understated, quality jewelry that AUrate offers and pick something for yourself too! What do you think of AUrate? Which piece would you choose for yourself?

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