School Field Trip

I Chaperoned a School Field Trip & I’m Done

Since we are in that weird limbo between Thanksgiving and Christmas where no one's really working anymore and everyone's got way too many things going on....why not throw in a school field trip? I chaperoned my first field trip. It was the first for my second grader too, thanks to this pandemic. So I took the day off work (I've postponed all meetings to next year - mentally anyway) and checked in as a parent chaperone by 8am. I. Was. Not. Prepared. I forgot that the maximum number of kids I can handle at any given time is two. That's why I'm not a teacher. That's why I'm not a PTA mom. That's why I have two kids. I love kids. They are adorable and inquisitive and charming little cuddle puffs. But the max is two...thank you. … [Read More]