Rambo gives me a workout

When Rambo looks me up and down and says,

“I’ll give you a workout”

He is the only husband that means he will actually hand over a customized CrossFit exercise plan for me to do at the gym tomorrow.
Then he will describe every move and the correct form to use, followed by a detailed explanation of what he did at the gym that day and then I will fall asleep from boredom.

Nothing to get excited about. Just my husband offering me a workout. Literally.

Also, he likes to wake up while it’s dark and cold to go for a run.


And then when he returns from his run all hyped up on endorphins he talks to me. The only problem is that I’m still asleep but, like an extrovert with no one else to talk to it doesn’t bother him that my eyes are closed and I’m not participating in the conversation at all.

When I do open my eyes to give him the STFU glare he remembers that trying to talk to me before midday is never a good idea. Especially before my caffeine fix.

I pass back out while he ushers the kids into the kitchen and feeds them breakfast. I wake up an hour later to a hot cup of super sweet coffee on my bedside table. I gulp it down as I reach for my phone wondering what time it is.

www.Coffeeandsweats.com work out

The kids finally throw the door open and come bounding in with giggles and jump all over me. The tickle attacks begin and I love my life. Yes, there are moments of exhaustion, sleepless nights and being constantly needed. I’m in sensory overload with too much noise and touch and worry. I’m also surrounded by unconditional love packaged in two energetic little boys.

This season of my life is definitely my favorite.

I am also grateful for this man who understands that sometimes leaving me to sleep in and making me a cup of coffee is the most romantic gesture there ever was. My heart could just burst with love. This lasts a good five seconds until he asks me,

“So you going to workout today?”

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