Puerto Rico

My first visit to Puerto Rico was such a fun experience. I’m so thankful for the San Juan Aeropuerto Transport Security Administration for returning my camera.  I really thought I would never see it, or these pictures ever again.

This is the balcony that made me fall in love with Puerto Rico. We stayed in Fajardo and if I could eat breakfast on this balcony every morning overlooking all this greenery and mountains and ocean – I would die happy.  On the first day we hopped on a Catamaran (some of us did not enjoy the ride and hung on for dear life) and cruised over to Palomino Island. This private island had it all  – palm trees, clear water, hermit crabs, iguanas and a restaurant with really fresh chicken ha! 3 -year-old Z spent more time feeding the roosters than feeding himself.

El Conquistador Balcony

Fajardo Balcony View El Conquistador


Catamaran to Isla Palomino

Palomino Island from Catamaran

Isla Palomino Puerto Rico

Palomino Island Palm Trees

Rooster at Iguana Cafe Palomino Island

Second day of our trip we headed out to El Yunque  to hike through a tropical rain forest. The hike was long for the kids, but we kept them distracted with all the exotic sounds of birds and tree frogs and spotting lizards of every color. We had to stop and take a picture of every lizard. Every. Single. One.  Taking a dip in one of the smaller of the hundreds of waterfalls was refreshing after a long hike.  I also dropped my phone in the waterfall because you know, technology and I don’t get along. Somehow it survived. After cooling off in the water it was time to hike back to where we started from. We ended the day by devouring a plate of Mofungo – a Puerto Rican dish made of fried mashed plantains.

El Yunque Rainforest Puerto Rico Hiking

El Yunque Rainforest Waterfall

El Yunque Rainforest Puerto Rico

Lizard El Yunque Rainforest

Day 3 – This is about the time the  family starts hating me because I plan too many things to do every day and all they’re exhausted and want to relax. Not today! On the third day in Puerto Rico we drove over to Old San Juan to check out Fort San Cristobal. I love learning about the  history of anywhere I visit so walking through the largest fort built by the Spanish was so exciting for me. The kids loved the hidden tunnels and rooms where they kept prisoners as well as the cannon balls. The inside was fairly dark while the outside was wide open for the kids to run around in. After the Fort, we walked around Old San Juan and hydrated with coconut water and guava juice.  Also, need to petition the Home Owners Association to allow each house in our neighborhood to be painted a different color.

Fort San Cristobal San Juan Puerto Rico

Fort San Cristobal San Juan Puerto Rico

Fort San Cristobal San Juan Puerto Rico

Coconuts Old San Juan

Old San Juan Puerto Rico

Day 4 – Now I let the family relax. We hung out at the pool all day, napped and ate some more seafood. After all the fish tacos, shrimp empanada’s and seafood paella I am completely ruined. I can’t find seafood that tastes so fresh in Texas.  “No, I’m never gonna eat seafood again. Frozen fish have got no flavor!”  (Sung to the tune of Careless Whisper). After watching our last sunset in Puerto Rico we went out at night to see the Bioluminescence Bay. Instead of kayaking, we took a boat in through the mangroves out into the bay to see tiny organisms glowing in the water at night. It was magical and an amazing experience. I didn’t dare take my camera with me because knowing my clumsy self, I would have dropped it into the water.

Farjardo El Conquistador Cliffside

El Conquistador Resort Fajardo Puerto Rico

Fresh Fish Tacos

Sunset in Puerto Rico

I am so glad I got to do everything I wanted to in Puerto Rico.  I was a little worried about going on a trip with kids so young but I figured we’ll just make a few adjustments.  I don’t want to wait until they’re older – and we’re retired, to be able to travel again! I also know this isn’t going to be my last trip to Puerto Rico. There’s so much more left to see on that island and I can’t wait to go back.

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  1. We love Puerto Rico so much that we’re actually going back in a month! It’s one of our favorite places on earth – we first went a few years ago, and had a trip very much like yours. Been dying to go back ever since! Did you try mallorca bread while you were there? My mouth is already watering thinking about it…. thanks for sharing your story! (And helping get us even more excited about our upcoming return trip 😉 )

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