Blame it on Texas

Life really did get crazy.

But crazy in a good way that once I got out on the other side of it, I realized how incredibly blessed I am for having gone through it. So onto the reasons why I haven’t blogged recently…

Since my last blog post I have:

Moved back to Texas
Lived with my parents for four months
Popped out baby #2
Bought a house

Can we touch on these real quickly here? I moved back to Texas y’all! The only downside to this is my whole blog premise being about ‘motherhood in the city and other things I don’t know how to do’ is pretty much gone down the drain now.

Living with my parents drove all of us crazy. Now I have no issues with living with your parents until you are well into adulthood. I lived with them until I got married. But living with them with your husband and two kids is insane and the only reason we’re all still alive to tell about it is because my parents are absolutely freaking amazing.

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Pregnancy – second time around

Pregnancy 2nd time around

I’m expecting baby #2. Yes, I’m happy and excited about the pregnancy but mostly I’m tired. More tired than I ever thought possible.

Pregnancy the second time around is both easier and harder. Easier because I couldn’t care less about reading every single book on pregnancy and happy babies. I’m no longer super anal about not consuming cheeses, seafood or coffee. I don’t care how many raised eyebrows or concerned looks I get. I ordered a coffee the other day at brunch with my visibly pregnant belly and the waitress smiled at me and said,

“I drank coffee during my second pregnancy too”  and it made my day. I needed that validation. My doctor told me I could consume a cup of coffee a day but still, I needed a mom who had been there before me to say it was OK. Trust me, the world is a better place when I drink coffee.

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Coffee and Life Changes

Coffee and Life Changes

Life has changed a lot in the past three years. When I started blogging I was a college student. Then I got married and I stopped blogging altogether. Life got messy. I didn’t want to share my thoughts anymore. Now I have three years worth of life, repressed inside which I’m hoping will make for some worthy blog posts. There’s only one way to find out.

I guess a quick recap is in order.

Since my Xanga days I…

Got married.
Moved to New Jersey
Popped out a baby
Left my job to stay home with the baby.

All of the above points are devastatingly life changing. No wonder I didn’t feel like writing.

Getting married – no one ever thinks about what is going to happen after the fairy tale wedding. There is no ‘happily ever after’. Instead, it’s ‘what’s for dinner?’ and ‘who’s going to clean the bathroom?’

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