Ultimate Gift Guide

Ultimate Gift Guide of what NOT to get me CoffeeandSweats.com

After Christmas, it’s Valentine’s day. Then Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, there’s also Birthday’s & Anniversaries. That’s a lot of gift giving. Gift guides are thoughtful gift ideas for what to buy your significant other. Some are decent, but most of them suck. After researching some gift suggestions, I’ve come up with the Ultimate List of what NOT to buy me. Not for Valentine’s day. Not for my birthday. Never.

Scented Candle

This is the perfect gift for a female you don’t care about. Give this to your co-worker. Do not give it to me. If I tried lighting a scented candle in my house, I guarantee you the house will burn down within twenty minutes. Little boys and lit candles don’t go together. As soon as they see flames they feel the need to run and touch it. (Also, why the fireplace gets no love). Of course, I could place the candle somewhere high up on a counter where they can’t reach. But soon enough there will be a plastic ball, a foam ball, a toddler sized Darth Vader stuffed toy or a light-saber. There will be something and it will be airborne and knock that candle over. And we will be homeless.

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Frappé Friday #3

Coffee and Sweats Frappe Friday #3

It’s Friday! Grab a Frappé and kick back while I show you the things that crossed my path this week.

News that didn’t shock me: Zika Virus in Dallas. Please, let’s not screw it up like we did with Ebola.

Event I wish I could have attended, and not because I care about men’s fashion!

New Blogger Crush: I’m currently reading ‘I heart my little A-holes’ by Karen Alpert a.k.a BabySideburns.  We’re besties. She just doesn’t know yet.

The best part of SuperBowl: Budweiser seems to be consistently in the top most shared commercials of all time.

The decline of a coffee trend: Maybe because we’re sick of purchasing machines that keep breaking?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Frappé Fridays #2

Grab a frappe (mine has an espresso shot – rough morning) and find out what I’ve been feeling this week.

News that saddened me: David Bowie & Alan Rickman passed away this week. Both at the age of 69. Both to cancer. I’m sad not just because the world lost two great entertainers but because we should have a cure for cancer by now.

On the To-Do List: The Christmas tree is still up. What is the proper etiquette for how long it can stay?  I feel like as soon as it comes down, the fun part of winter is over and the dreary bleak part will begin.

Favorite Facebook post: Now if only Airlines would learn a thing or two from Zulily.

New Hero: Trym Nordgaard. I can’t even walk without spilling my coffee. I’m in awe of this snowboarding gangsta.

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Frappe Fridays #1

Frappe Fridays - www.coffeeandsweats.com

Grab a frappe and find out what I’ve been feeling this week.

Favorite article. Iran’s Blogfather on how Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are killing the web.  It’s a worthy read for all bloggers, especially those who have been in the game over a decade.

Is this sensationalism in news media or a fact? Either way, my coffee hoarding has begun.

Quote I came across that shifted my perspective: “The wound is the place where the Light enters you” – Rumi.

Funniest Mommy moment: The two-year-old touched my dry, cracked heels and with a shocked look asked    “Ammu, your foot hurt?” I guess I need a pedicure.

On Repeat:  These songs have been stuck in my head all week. I just got back from a Pakistani wedding in North Carolina and I’m still in party mode.

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Christmas Tree Confessions

Christmas Tree Decor First time

December came along and sucker punched me.

We’re all taking turns getting sick. Some of us are not waiting their turn and now of all of us are sick at the same time. Add to this a sniffly whining preschooler asking about a Christmas tree 45 times a day, every single day and I am just about done with this year.

I also got peer pressured into volunteering at the preschool for the Holiday’s Around the World presentation. I was asked to present Ramadan and Eid. Trust me,  I’m just as shocked as you are that I was the best candidate they found to speak about anything Islam. I got paired with another Muslim mom who five minutes before we were to go on turned to me and whispered,

“What does As-Salamu Alaykum mean?”

We were so screwed.

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