Nordstrom Winter Sale under $50

I saw a cardigan I own in a TV commercial.  Before I could point and say “Hey I have that cardigan!” I noticed something odd.  The lady wearing it was playing the role of a tired, cranky mom. She looked frumpy and that particular cardigan was chosen by the costume designer to help her play the part.

Seriously, do I look like that?

Do I look dingy and drab and so…(what’s the word for ‘given up on life’?)…shabby when I wear it?  I slowly walked over to my closet to give it a close inspection. 80% of the clothes in there no longer fit me, but I’m not throwing them out because I’ll fit into it ONE DAY! The other 20% were all sweatpants (of course) leggings, cardigans (ahem) and big loose tops. With dread, I admitted it was time to go shopping. Online shopping that is, because I don’t do malls. Or parking. Or fitting rooms. Or the disappointment when the tag says it’s a gazillion dollars.  Since I’ve become a mom I really don’t like to spend money on myself. Is it a mom-guilt thing? Who knows.

All I know is I need cheap and I need cute.

Thankfully the Nordstrom winter sale is still going on but only for FOUR more days! I was able to find some cute clothes I like for under $50. So voila, affiliate links below for your shopping pleasure. Let me know which one’s are your favorites!

ps- I’m keeping that cardigan! I love it!






Nordstrom Sale under $50

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