I planned a trip to Puerto Rico. Yes, I planned the trip after Rambo got laid off. I know it sounds a little nuts because most people cancel family vacay’s indefinitely when they are jobless but most people are sane. Here are my reasons why we HAD to go on this trip RIGHT NOW.

* I’ve never been to Puerto Rico –  this list is not in order of importance.

* The kids are home for the summer.

* Rambo is home. He has been supporting the family ever since I became a stay at home mom, so if anyone needs a vacay it’s him.

* Most of our vacations for the past 7 years have involved going to see family. Do those even count as vacations?!

* I’ve never been to Puerto Rico –  I’ve decided this is a pretty important point and needed to be mentioned twice.

* I have a lot of airline points saved up from never taking vacations.

So it was decided. I bought the plane tickets and hotel room was booked and then I told Rambo 😛

I was really excited for this trip. I even packed my big DSLR camera that I have no idea how to use so I can be a good blogger and share my life with you guys.

We had a great freaking time. We went hiking through the El Yunque Rainforest. We took a tour through the Bioluminescent Bay, we walked through the Fort San Cristobal – the largest Spanish fort built in the New World. We took a ton of pictures and then I LEFT THE CAMERA IN SAN JUAN.

<a moment of silence for my camera>

<another moment of silence for my attempts to be a legit blogger>

So while I furiously email the San Juan Airport TSA I’ll leave you with some pictures I had uploaded for Instagram. If you were following me at that time you would have seen some awesome IG stories. If not, (why not?!?) jump on it because apparently, it’s going to be a while before I’m responsible enough to be a legit blogger (LB).

El Yunque
Hiking through a rainforest with a 3-year-old. Thank goodness for lizards & tree frogs
El Conquistador view
View from our balcony at El Conquistador hotel
El Conquistador Puerto Rico
This is what happens when you ask me for a sexy pose.


By the way, if you’re wondering about the title of the post…we heard that song EVERYWHERE in Puerto Rico, came back home and hear it everywhere here, and it’s been stuck in my head ever since. You’re welcome!

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