Ultimate Gift Guide

Ultimate Gift Guide

After Christmas, it’s Valentine’s day. Then Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, there’s also Birthday’s & Anniversaries. That’s a lot of gift giving. Gift guides are thoughtful gift ideas for what to buy your significant other. Some are decent, but most of them suck. After researching some gift suggestions, I’ve come up with the Ultimate List of what NOT to buy me. Not for Valentine’s day. Not for my birthday. Never. View Post

Thankful For Mom Friends

I hate awkward pauses. Especially ones where a table full of people are looking at me waiting for an answer and I got nothing.

So awkward.

Still nothing.

Thanksgiving break brings old friends around. Everyone is home for the holiday so it’s a great time to meet and catch up. Sitting at a bar we used to frequent often, I was having a great time with some of my old college friends and people I hung out with before I got married. I admit that after moving out of state right after the wedding, I hadn’t done a good job of keeping in touch with friends. So this was a fun night for me, several of these faces I hadn’t seen in years. View Post

I’m Scared of CrossFit – pt 2 My first Work Out

I'm Scared of CrossFit V1

You can find I’m Scared of CrossFit – Part 1 here.

The last time I had signed my name on a form without reading any of it, I was in labor. I was exhausted, in pain and wanted Rambo to just STFU.  This time, I was in a Crossfit box.

My first CrossFit workout was the most I had exercised in years….or ever. And it actually didn’t start off so bad. View Post