Beauty Favorites I Can’t Live Without

Beauty Favorites I Can't Live Without

I was fourteen when I discovered concealer. I’ve always had dark circles under my eyes and drama queen skin. Concealer was the magic that hid them like they never even existed. Even now if I’m feeling crappy, I will put on some makeup to feel good about myself and conquer the day.  Below I’ve listed the beauty products that I use consistently. If it runs out, I go out and immediately buy another. You can shop them by clicking on the product itself (affiliate link of course). I’ve selected my top five and explain why I can’t live without them. View Post

Cadillac Road to Runway : Fashion X Dallas

FashionX Dallas

Last year, I had a great time at Cadillac’s Road to Table event. This year I attended  Road to Runway as a guest of Cadillac and experienced the final night of Fashion X Dallas – a spectacular night of runway shows featuring local DFW designers as well as emerging designers from all over the world. I grabbed my fashion-obsessed sister as my plus one and we headed out. On the way to Fashion Industry Gallery, I test drove the new Cadillac CT6. I don’t know how they managed to fit 34 speakers into that car but the surround sound system was awesome. The rear camera mirror took some time to get used to but my favorite interior feature was the wireless phone charger. I’m always losing chargers. Or getting them all tangled up  or not plugging it in properly! View Post

Going back to work after 5 years

Going back to work after 5 years

I got my first paycheck in five years.

Five. Years.

After my first day at work, I came home in a great mood.

How was it? Rambo asked

It was great, I replied. I peed like, 4 times and no one cried. And they had coffee. Free coffee! I got a badge thing that I beep against the keypad and it unlocks the door.  I felt like an agent working at the Men in Black headquarters. View Post