State Fair of Texas with Kids

State Fair of Texas with Kids

The State Fair of Texas is here! I’m always excited to go to the Fair but this year I was a little apprehensive because it would be my first time attending with the kids. The last time I went to the State Fair I went on a weekend, rode a couple of roller coaster rides, ate almost every fried food there was and played games until the place closed down. View Post

My First Blogging Conference – Blog Elevated 2015

Blog Elevated 2015

Recently I attended my first blog conference. Blog Elevated 2015 was in Dallas, TX this year so I had to represent.

Day 1

The Conference kicked off on Friday night with a Texas-style welcome reception. We wore cowboy boots and were served appetizers with an open bar of bluebonnet tequila-tinis and jalapeno margaritas. Great idea. If you want to gather a bunch of mostly introverted bloggers and have them actually talk to each other, definitely throw some liquor into the mix. Everyone had a great time introducing themselves, talking about their blog and exchanging business cards. There was a table set up with little cards for us to write about our best blogging moment this year. A few random cards were selected for prizes. It was a cute idea because we got to hear what other people’s best blogging moments were. This was my entry. View Post