Wine Dine & Recline at Moviehouse & Eatery

Moviehouse & Eatery

Recently I got the chance to check out Moviehouse & Eatery at their new Flower Mound, TX location. I can’t remember that last time I went out for dinner and a movie and Moviehouse & Eatery has completely changed the game. Upon entering the building, you will find yourself in a Lounge with a full-service bar. You can grab a drink while you wait to meet up with friends if you happen to get there early (this never happens to me) or decide to stay a little late. The lounge area offers daily happy hour specials and a full menu so you can hang out there even if you aren’t trying to catch a movie. View Post

Write What you are not Willing to Speak

Write What you are not Willing to Speak

My fourth-grade teacher was a bitch.

She wore stiletto heels and leather mini skirts to class. She had a loud laugh and told animated stories with her hands gesturing wildly.

And she hated my guts.

My first day in her class was also my first day in a new school. This school was nothing like my previous one. The last school seemed to have a representative from every country on Earth and was full of different accents. It was the first time I met a girl from Egypt -she told me that nobody walks “like an Egyptian” there. There were other Bangladeshi kids. And Polish kids. It was also the first time I met a Jose. He kept telling me I said his name wrong. I kept telling him he didn’t know how to read. View Post