Can’t be Hateful, Gotta be Grateful

Can't be Hateful, Gotta be Grateful

So my older son had a Thanksgiving Feast at his preschool today. I didn’t know parents were supposed to attend these things. I mean seriously? I know working parents can’t attend but as a stay at home parent I’ve got my hands full for the three hours the Bubz is at school. I went in to pick him up, with Baby Chubz on my hip and was greeted by his teacher with, View Post

Knitting Something Nice for You

Knitting Something Nice for You

There is so much I want to do.

When I resigned  from work to become a stay at home mom I had all these plans. I was going to finally have time (ha!) to do all the things I couldn’t do because I worked too much.

I would learn another language, I would dance, I would take up yoga and start running. I would knit my first sweater and blog again.  I would read more and write more. I would become a great cook and keep trying every little hobby and find the one thing I’m really good at. View Post

Because I’m happy

Today – the first official weekday of daylight savings time, we all took a nap.

Unintended of course. It was close to 4pm in the afternoon and past the cut off time for my hopes of the toddler napping for the day. Rambo had called in sick from work and was laying around while I nursed the baby. The toddler climbed into the bed between us and was physically re-enacting the Angry Birds game. View Post