I planned a trip to Puerto Rico. Yes, I planned the trip after Rambo got laid off. I know it sounds a little nuts because most people cancel family vacay’s indefinitely when they are jobless but most people are sane. Here are my reasons why we HAD to go on this trip RIGHT NOW.

* I’ve never been to Puerto Rico –  this list is not in order of importance.

* The kids are home for the summer.

* Rambo is home. He has been supporting the family ever since I became a stay at home mom, so if anyone needs a vacay it’s him.

* Most of our vacations for the past 7 years have involved going to see family. Do those even count as vacations?!

* I’ve never been to Puerto Rico –  I’ve decided this is a pretty important point and needed to be mentioned twice.

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Baseball after Babies

I recently scored some last minute tickets to the Texas Rangers baseball game courtesy of my Mom. She even offered to babysit while we went to the game.  A date night?!
“I actually have four tickets,” She said, “Why don’t you take all four of them and invite some friends to go with you?”

Wait, a double date night?!

These tickets were for a weeknight and we didn’t have much time to find some friends to invite. This is where you find out how sad my social life really is.

I texted everyone in my ‘recently called’ list on my phone. One by one all of my friends declined the invitation. We could not find anyone to go with.

“So who are we going to the game with?” asked Rambo.

I don’t think he really cared who was coming with us. Unlike me, he actually knew a thing or two about baseball and was just excited to be going.

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April Showers or When it Rains it Pours

April Showers

Thank Goodness it’s finally May. It’s my favorite month because it’s my birth month and the weather is officially beautiful all over the planet.  And it’s really about time for all those April showers to bring me some May Flowers.

Let me tell you how much rain I got in April.

Rambo was laid off.  He left for work in the morning, had meetings scheduled all throughout the day, was told he was laid off and a security officer escorted him out of the building.  Just like that. He was back home by 10 am. I didn’t believe him when he called to tell me.  We both sat in the kitchen in shock because he just started this job 5 months ago.

Then there were the thunderstorms. I love Texas, but if it’s not tornado’s, its thunderstorms. Thunderstorms with golf ball sized hail.  A portion of our backyard fence blew down. We need to replace the entire thing because it was barely standing before the storms. The insurance adjuster came out and checked out the roof too. Turns out we need to replace the entire roof as well. Insurance would cover some of it, but after applying our deductible it was not nearly enough.

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The case of the Dirty Dairy Van

Dirty Dairy Van

My minivan is not dirty. Yes, it does have a  serious coating of white dirt on the black body paint but it only stands out when I’m in the carpool lane for preschool pick up because everyone else’s car is freaking sparkling.

My problem, however, isn’t the outside of the car, it’s the inside.

The inside is a disaster. Isn’t that why people buy minivans though? For kids to throw their cheerio’s around in? For sticky juice to be spilled all over the place and drop random fries into crevices never to be found again?

I have several changes of clothes in the car. For each member of the family. It’s Texas. You never know when the temperature will drop forty degrees from the time you leave the house to when you get back home. There is a bag of clothes in the back that needs to be dropped in a donation drop box that’s been knocked over and is now intermingling with the kid’s bag of swim gear.

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Nordstrom Winter Sale under $50

Nordstrom Sale under $50

I saw a cardigan I own in a TV commercial.  Before I could point and say “Hey I have that cardigan!” I noticed something odd.  The lady wearing it was playing the role of a tired, cranky mom. She looked frumpy and that particular cardigan was chosen by the costume designer to help her play the part.

Seriously, do I look like that?

Do I look dingy and drab and so…(what’s the word for ‘given up on life’?)…shabby when I wear it?  I slowly walked over to my closet to give it a close inspection. 80% of the clothes in there no longer fit me, but I’m not throwing them out because I’ll fit into it ONE DAY! The other 20% were all sweatpants (of course) leggings, cardigans (ahem) and big loose tops. With dread, I admitted it was time to go shopping. Online shopping that is, because I don’t do malls. Or parking. Or fitting rooms. Or the disappointment when the tag says it’s a gazillion dollars.  Since I’ve become a mom I really don’t like to spend money on myself. Is it a mom-guilt thing? Who knows.

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