Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase

Disclosure – I received complimentary tickets to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own. 

I’ve been in this suburban bubble for quite some time now. My minivan doesn’t venture too far past the preschool pickup line,  the pediatrician, the grocery store or my mom’s house. So when I got the chance to check out the 29th Annual Dallas Observer’s Music Awards Showcase I jumped on it. Fifty bands across nine stages all on one night.  I was going to catch up on the last ten years of not going out all at once!

I drove down (yes in my minivan) to Deep Ellum – the entertainment district in Dallas and the place was so alive. I forgot people go out after 9 pm.  I also forgot about how much it sucks to find parking and after driving around in crawling traffic, I decided to pull into a parking lot which, I could clearly see was completely full. I drove around and suddenly a woman appeared in front of my car and walked towards the driver side. I lowered the window and she handed me a ticket and said ‘Here I’m paid up until 11:30″ then turned around and disappeared into her car. View Post

Aaptiv Review

Aaptiv App Review

Disclosure: I received a complimentary trial to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are my own. 

Remember that time I signed up for CrossFit?   Or the  5 am Bootcamp?   Well, I’m going through another one of my “I must get hot right now” fitness spurts. So when I got the opportunity to try out a fitness app I was all about it.

I like apps. What I don’t like is talking to people, especially sweaty people. Also, I have serious commitment issues so signing up for a yoga class every Monday and Wednesday at 10 will give me all kinds of anxiety.  So I have apps that log my calories, that count my steps, and chart my weight.

The Apptiv app doesn’t do any of that. It’s more like experiencing an instructor-led workout whenever you want.  You can choose a  class by workout type, difficulty,  or my favorite – duration.   If you travel a lot or are a busy mom (hi) and don’t know when you will have time to fit in a  workout this app is great. I also really loved that the workouts are all set to a playlist just like a class you would take at a gym. You can filter a class by music genre too (even hits from the 90’s and Reggae!). View Post

Frappé Friday Sept 8th 2017

Frappé Friday

Time for Frappe Friday – Grab a drink and find out what I’ve been obsessing with this week.

Coffee – Is it really that bad for you? Seems excessive to me, then again I’m slightly biased.

Book I’m reading right now: I’ve long been a fan of Honest Toddler and Bunmi Latidan’s novel is hilarious.

If you are lucky enough to be reading this from the comfort of your own home and haven’t been affected by one of the many disasters things going on in the world right now – your help is needed. Thoughts and prayers are wonderful but giving your time and money are what really makes a difference. There are many organizations you can partner with. If you’re in the Dallas area and want to help out with Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief, you can donate through the Red Cross here and volunteer here. View Post

Puerto Rico with Kids

Fajardo Balcony View El Conquistador

My first visit to Puerto Rico was such a fun experience. I’m so thankful for the San Juan Aeropuerto Transport Security Administration for returning my camera.  I really thought I would never see it, or these pictures ever again.

This is the balcony that made me fall in love with Puerto Rico. We stayed in Fajardo and if I could eat breakfast on this balcony every morning overlooking all this greenery and mountains and ocean – I would die happy.  On the first day we hopped on a Catamaran (some of us did not enjoy the ride and hung on for dear life) and cruised over to Palomino Island. This private island had it all  – palm trees, clear water, hermit crabs, iguanas and a restaurant with really fresh chicken ha! 3 -year-old Z spent more time feeding the roosters than feeding himself. View Post



I planned a trip to Puerto Rico. Yes, I planned the trip after Rambo got laid off. I know it sounds a little nuts because most people cancel family vacay’s indefinitely when they are jobless but most people are sane. Here are my reasons why we HAD to go on this trip RIGHT NOW.

* I’ve never been to Puerto Rico –  this list is not in order of importance.

* The kids are home for the summer.

* Rambo is home. He has been supporting the family ever since I became a stay at home mom, so if anyone needs a vacay it’s him.

* Most of our vacations for the past 7 years have involved going to see family. Do those even count as vacations?!

* I’ve never been to Puerto Rico –  I’ve decided this is a pretty important point and needed to be mentioned twice. View Post